Bear Statue In Uptown

After retrieving my bicycle from last night’s hijinx, I groggily rode home and then to an appointment.  I was in no place to ride, honestly, but I have reached the point where it doesn’t even occur to me to take my car unless I’m making an airport run.  This means, though, that I’m not always attending to my surroundings; sometimes I’m just getting from one place to another and wishing I were home.  And that was the case today.  Until I saw this bear on an Uptown sidewalk.  He seemed so out of place here.  I mean, a bear?  Parrots, frogs, lizards, palmetto bugs, junebugs, sure.  But the bear just doesn’t belong.  But that’s the thing about this place.  What might not, at first glance, appear to belong often ends up being home here.  Turns out bears have been in Louisiana a lot longer than any of us.  That said, this statue is actually kinda creepy.  I got back on my bike and went home to lie by my pool.

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