Ducks in Audubon Park

I rode to work today through Audubon Park.  I don’t know why I resist the two block jog out of my way, but I’m glad I made it this morning.  This park is so pretty, with its green grasses, giant oaks (though many have been felled by weather), algae-coated lake, and birds.  Lots and lots of birds.  N. has been stalking a nest of duck eggs for awhile, nervously hoping they survived Gustav.  I’m not sure if they did, but I kept my eyes open for baby ducks, just in case.  I saw this mass of ducks gathered underneath a bench along the Quarter side of the lake.  It really was just a pile of them, huddled together, snoozing.  I hopped off my bike to snap a photo and the mass rose and waddled a few inches further away.  I can’t say as I blame them.  I’m big and noisy, and so is my bike.  And that flash?  That’s not good for anybody’s morning eyes.  I think one of the ducks was a youth–she seemed a little fuzzy–but no babies.  Duck eggs are small potatoes in the aftermath of a storm, but they are one teensy example of loss unaccounted for.  I hope N. checks on her nest soon; I’ve become quite invested in its survival.

3 thoughts on “Ducks in Audubon Park

  1. No duck eggs aren’t small potatoes. Actually potatoes are that small…. just ask the irish. Anyway its awesome how life survives, continues, flys its own path and heads commutes. I’m for the ducks!

  2. When I was living in the Big D, shiny, busy, snobby, Dallas, TX… it had rained for two days and was still… hard, pouring rain. I left work during rush hour. Streets were filled with water and cars and cars of people who just wanted to get home. At an intersection the light turned green but the cars did not move… persistant honking could be heard for blocks I’m sure. This lasted maybe 3 or 4 minutes…
    Swimming through the middle of the intersection was a family of ducks. Whole little family making their way back home to the giant man-made lake across the way. Had been on an exploration I suppose, because of the water filled streets.
    Every single car from every angle of that intersection adamantly refused to move forward until the duck family was clear and on the other side.
    I was sooo scared for the sweet little ducks, but they made it home safe. It was like a miracle some hot head didn’t try and drive through anyway.
    I’m going to be a tiny little old lady and still be telling that story.

  3. Ok, BonanzaJellybn, that’s the best story ever. I’m so glad everybody waited. A rare moment of shared humanity with ducks. Love it.

    My cat is locked in a nightly struggle with a gecko who lives on my window. Tonight we watched that gecko eat a moth. The animal kingdom is a joy, though poor Sully is tortured by its presence.

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