Tanks at the National WWII Museum

Tanks at the WWII MuseumRhoda’s got a flat and I need a wrench to free her wheel, so Jack and I went looking for a hardware store.  I headed down to the bike shop ISO tools and maybe a present or two; A. is in the market for a bike, so I rang her up and told her to meet me there for some test riding.  Continue reading

Ducks in Audubon Park

I rode to work today through Audubon Park.  I don’t know why I resist the two block jog out of my way, but I’m glad I made it this morning.  This park is so pretty, with its green grasses, giant oaks (though many have been felled by weather), algae-coated lake, and birds.  Lots and lots of birds.  Continue reading

One-Way Sign in Broadmoor

The weather is strangely cool in New Orleans today, which I like, and I enjoyed a non-task related ride around the Broadmoor neighborhood.  This neighborhood took on a lot of water when the levees broke after Katrina, and much of it remains in disarray.  Continue reading

Vacuum Cleaner on Decatur

It is a windy night as the outer bands of Ike run through New Orleans.  My thoughts are with folks in Galveston and Houston and all along the Texas Gulf coast.  I didn’t watch CNN during Gustav, but find myself riveted now that the the storm is not putting me in direct danger; it’s as if I can finally bear to look now that I’ve got a little distance.  B Continue reading

The Superdome on Saints Opening Day

Yes, I am ready for some football.  Saints football, especially.  The NFL made much of getting the team back to the Superdome for the opening day, and, frankly, I’m glad they did.  Continue reading

The Industrial Canal and St. Bernard Parish

Today was a beautiful day in New Orleans.  The humidity was low, the temp was in the mid-80s, and the sun was shining.  In spots.  Fine, it was pretty overcast, but I’ll take what I can get.  Continue reading

The National Guard at Jackson Square

Today was my first full day back in New Orleans, and I spent much of it on N.’s bike, riding around to see what folks are up to. The rush of being back to the city and seeing it relatively unscathed is wearing off, and today I found myself feeling profoundly sad. Continue reading

Nighttime Ride In New Orleans

I’m home.  I’m thrilled to be home and thrilled to have a home to be in.  After all manner of pushing luggage and trees around I borrowed N.’s bike (mine’s still in the shop) and took a spin around town.  Continue reading