Horses in Audubon Park

After a busy day, I rode my bike home along St. Charles at park-rush hour–around 6:30–and was struck, as I often am, by the myriad ways different people use public space.  Audubon Park was positively hopping with joggers, runners, cyclists, walkers, frisbee-ers, and others.  This is nothing new; parks are made for these multiple uses, and that’s what I love about them.  But today there were horses.  There’s a stable in the park, but I don’t usually see the horses, even if I smell them.  They were certainly popular; I pulled my bike right over to snap pictures and every kid in the place was drawn to them.  Adults weren’t far behind.  New Orleans is a little bit like New York in that it’s pretty hard to get noticed, there are so many different types of folks doing so many different things.  But a horse in the park?  We’re all taking notice, rendering the anonymous public space communal in a real sense, if only for a minute.  Nice.

2 thoughts on “Horses in Audubon Park

  1. i’ve often thought that NOLA is very much like NYC in that it’s hard to get noticed. i really love that about it. about both of them, actually.

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