Mural on Freret

I rode down Freret Street on my way home today.  This ride always reminds me of how uneven recovery and development is in this city.  Tulane’s campus is beautiful, of course, and Freret to Carrollton takes one by some really fancy homes.  Only a few blocks from campus, past Nashville, however, the neighborhood changes, and I mean really changes.  Potholes gape open, stores are boarded up, trees are down.  There are lots of people about and the comedy club, second hand store and garden store are up and running.  It’s not as if people aren’t living full lives here; it’s just that there’s such a marked difference in the sense of possibility at different spots along this street.  Today I stopped and took a photo of this mural on one of the garage doors.  It’s really well done, realistically depicting what one might wish for this street–places for people to sit, children playing at a nice school, flower gardens.  There’s imagination and hope in this picture and a sense of possibility beyond what might seem immediately apparent.  There’s no reason Freret can’t look like this.  It’s just a matter of will.  And yet I wonder, when I look at this art, why do some neighborhoods always get paintings and others get resources?

2 thoughts on “Mural on Freret

  1. Great post. I’m M’s mother and the other M’s grandmother, and guess who’s mother-in-law?

    I recently received a new bike as a present, and it has really changed how I see my world, too.

  2. Lovely to meet you here! I’ve heard wonderful things about you, and I happen to think your daughter, grandson and son in law are terrific.

    What kind of bike do you have? Where do you ride it? Isn’t it great? I love bikes. Mama M. needs one, don’t you think?

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