Low Cost Immunization Day at Petco

I used my bike for lots of errands today, ending up with grocery bags strung on my handlebars on the way home. N. and I stopped at Petco because looking at animals and animal things is always cheering. Today we lucked out; it was Low Cost Immunization Day, which meant lots and lots of dogs and cats and owners managing these lots and lots of dogs and cats. The lines were long, but the animals seemed in good moods regardless, especially considering the yelps coming from the table where they were getting stuck with needles. All in all it was an impressive sight, all these animals and people managing somehow to stay calm, and lots of animals getting care at affordable prices. I picked up a new toy for my kittens, got back on my bike, and was happy to head home to spend some time with my animals. I wonder if they make bike carriers for cats?

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