Pigeons Snacking at the Whole Foods on Magazine

Pigeons Snacking Outside the Whole Foods on MagazineI was prepared for a significant storm today, but that’s not quite what happened. Let me amend–I thought about being prepared for a significant storm, but what that ended up meaning was that I wore flip flops on my ride to work just in case I got caught in a downpour on my ride home. I’ve ruined enough leather shoes in this town already. Continue reading

Frog on an Uptown Window

Frog on an Uptown DoorI’m back from a bike-less trip to California. It was a bit odd, going five days without riding a bicycle, but I think my knees appreciated the rest, and though I didn’t need it, Los Angeles traffic reminded me that I prefer riding a bicycle around to sitting in a car any day. Continue reading

Abandoned Motel at Tulane and S. Galvez

Abandoned Motel at Tulane and S. GalvezToday’s ride took me Uptown and over to Mid-City via Carrollton to meet K. and M. for coffee and work. The ride was tiring because of the intense humidity. I mean, my glasses were fogging up as I pedaled over the bayou. Continue reading