Staircase at Baronne and Amelia

Today is a beautiful fall day in New Orleans.  In other words, it’s in the eighties and sunny, with clouds dotting the sky just enough to offer shade when you need it.  I rode my bike home from work today down Freret St. rather than St. Charles, and I’m glad I did.  St. Charles maps discordant wealth, but not like Freret does.  Near Tulane’s campus the houses are modest and well kept, but further down the buildings show more and more decay.  Past Napolean and folks are still hauling mattresses out to the curb, tearing down rotted facades, and occasionally peeling plastic off brand new windows.  Signs all over town proclaim “ONE New Orleans,” marking areas of active “recovery,” but this town is anything but One.  I took a right on Amelia to head toward the river and stopped at the corner of Baronne where I found this broken-down staircase to, well, to what used to be a home, I presume.  Bright yellow flowers peek from behind and a fresh, well-maintained home stands next door.  This sort of scene is all over town, and if by “one New Orleans,” we mean “one contradiction after another,” then yes, by all means, welcome to NOLA united.

One thought on “Staircase at Baronne and Amelia

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