Terrible Asphalt at Magazine and Julia

You know I love riding my bike around New Orleans. It’s flat as a pancake here and the weather is always perfect for a ride, assuming you don’t mind thunderstorms and 100+ heat indices, which I don’t. But our streets are, in many places, spectacularly awful. We have some repaving projects, some even including facilities for bikes–Chartres, St. Claude, Gentilly, upper St. Charles, La Salle/Simon Bolivar, Loyola–but most streets are a mess of exposed streetcar tracks, potholes, loose gravel, ridges, and all various and sundry temporary patches. Continue reading

Loose Gravel at Baronne and Polymnia

I’m having a bit of a front derailleur issue that I haven’t had time to deal with, so the Specialized is getting extra riding time. The bike is quick and nimble and those skinny tires offer such a low rolling resistance it can feel like flying. It most definitely did when I hit the brand spankin’ new asphalt on Loyola. So, so nice! I’ve been cursing the resurfacing there for awhile. Continue reading

Construction on Magazine at the I10 Underpass

Magazine Street Constructionat the WWII MuseumI took the Surly out for a leisurely ride down to the Marigny to get some writing done this afternoon. I love putting on a fluffy skirt and my shimano shoes, putting on some music, clipping in, and flying down newly paved streets. New Orleans is putting in so many. Continue reading

“Cyclists Dismount” Sign at Tulane University

Cyclists Dismount on Tulane's CampusThis will be a blog about bikes and the need for proper places to ride. It’s not about New Orleans, rebuilding, broken levees, crumbling infrastructure, music, Mardi Gras, weather, neighborhoods, or anything else. It’s just going to be a rant about biking conditions in this town. Continue reading

Filled Pothole at Delachaise and St. Charles

Filled Pothole at Delachaise and St. CharlesI took an easy ride to and from work today and noticed that a day or two off from heavy riding sure makes my knees feel better.  But enough about that.  On my way home I snapped this picture of the street at Delachaise and St. Charles.  The pothole is gone.  Continue reading