Power Pole Repair on Marengo St.

I took a leisurely ride home from work today, eschewing the St. Charles Highway for smaller streets through Uptown.  I took a left at Marengo toward the river because it is one of the smoother side roads Uptown.  The street was blocked off because of maintenance work on the power lines, but since I was on my bike, I felt like I could probably just snake through.  And I could.  But I was showered in sawdust from the workers chainsawing above.  It seems the power pole was tilting, like a lot of them do in New Orleans, and Entergy was fixing it.  It got me to thinking how we all take energy for granted.  Sure, we notice price increases and the presidential campaigns are on about energy all the time.  It’s a crisis, really.  But we rarely notice the electricity buzzing above our heads.  I’ve noticed that buzzing lately when I saw the birds covering the wires and today, when these trucks were doing their work, but normally I’m oblivious to the maze snaking along up there.  I was brushing off bits of power pole for the rest of the day, but it meant that, at least for the afternoon, electricity had some material reality.  I wonder how our discussions about energy might shift if we actually remained aware that it isn’t just magic.

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