Barack Obama Bus on Chestnut

I was riding up Chestnut on my way to work and saw this Louisiana for Change/Barack Obama bus.  Yes, the election is coming near, and the town is flush with lawn signs, lapel pins, and stickers.  There are a whole lot of Obama supporters in this place, and the bus was in town to rally supporters at a rally at Tulane that promised free t-shirts and pizza for college students from around the city.  There appears to be a sense that Obama could win Louisiana, and if New Orleans was the only city in the state, I’d say that was right.  I see Obama stuff everywhere.  Early voting started today, and people are already waiting for hours.  And I think those are Obama voters.  I passed by the rally on my way home, but missed the t-shirts and the pizza.  I may teach there, but in a lot of ways, I’m still like a student.  Free stuff gets me every time.  The music was good and the crowd was growing and I headed home feeling excited.  Elections are exciting, and the right to vote is precious.  No matter how anybody’s voting, I’m glad they are.  I’ll be riding my bike to the polls on November 4th.

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