Voting By Bike

Cast VoteIt’s Election Day, and I woke up excited to participate in the pageant that is the United States Democracy. Everyone was predicting record turnout and long waits at the polls, so I had planned to go first thing in the morning, be there for the doors at 6am. But last night I got a flat on my bike. That’s my ElectionMobile, so I needed to get her fixed up this morning and decided to head to the polls after work. I don’t have to vote before work because I have plenty of time during and later in the day, and I don’t have kids or older parents to take with me. Most folks don’t have all these privileges, and voting is much more work, especially when there are closed polls due to lack of workers and broken machines. My voting experience was smooth, but I have no illusions that this was the norm today.

I passed a lot of other voters on my way to my polling place. Some were waiting in a long line outside Tulane’s student center. Others were trickling in to the American Legion Hall on Magazine. And a lot were waving signs along the neutral grounds. My polling place was Xavier Preparatory Academy, and I was surprised to tool up to no lines at all. I walked in, showed my state ID as per Louisiana law, and stepped in to the booth to cast my ballot. I felt giddy with excitement today, thrilled to Participate, happy to see so many others out doing so as well. Now I’ll rest my bike and wait to see the results. I’m glad it’s over, but I’ll be happier if my guy wins.

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