Bywater Neighborhood Association Annual Mirliton Festival

Mirliton FestivalToday was another jaw-droppingly beautiful day in New Orleans. It was warm and sunny with a blue sky, and any plans I had to stay inside and work quickly went out the window. I hopped on my bike and rode down to the Bywater for the annual Mirliton Festival celebrating this local produce. It was a lovely day for a festie, and lots of folks were out enjoying the weather, the music, art and food booths. And beer, of course. This is New Orleans. I bought myself a couple of mirliton muffins and settled in to take in the views. And then I saw this goat on a leash. Dogs were not allowed in the park today, but this was not a dog, so technically, it was allowed in the park today. This is one of the things I love about this place. So there’s this goat. On a leash. And most people are just sitting, drinking and laughing and talking, as if a goat in a park in the Bywater is completely ordinary. Then again, maybe it is. I ate my muffin, saved the other for N., and felt grateful to live in a place that feels like this and is still celebrating things like that in November.

3 thoughts on “Bywater Neighborhood Association Annual Mirliton Festival

  1. Does a week ever go by when there is NOT some festival or street dance? I love that and can see why you are attracted to a place that does not give up celebrating life in spite of their problems from weather and poverty. Very inspiring.

  2. I’ve seen those people walk the goat in Audobon park. It’s really a cut goat, and it’s even cuter when it tries to run. Maybe I should get a goat. I’d never have to cut grass. Love your blog K. Todd and I love it.

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