Tony at Tulane

TonyI have been without my trusty digital camera for several days and it has been rough.  I’ve been riding my bike around every day, unable to photodocument what I see!  I finally lost it last night and went out to buy a new one.  Of course, that meant I found my old one.  Well, this just means another trip to the store to return.  I’ve got my camera back and so the blog is back, and that’s all that really matters to me.

This morning’s ride to work was one of those kinds where, with the sun shining down, the heat on your back, the wind blowing your skirt around the wheels, a song in your ears, you just feel happy.  Incandescently happy.  And that’s how I felt when I rode up to school, excited to teach my very favorite group of students.  Things just got better when I spotted this cute pug puppy named Tony.  He was walking around with his humans and then got put in this bag for the trip home.  I had briefly considered dog-napping him with some onlookers who agreed he’d fit right in my bicycle basket, but we missed our chance.  Besides, these three seemed pretty happy together.  Today’s bike ride was simple and I felt simple joy for it.  I’m glad to be back on my blog with my camera that lets me snap these sorts of moments for good.

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