House on Prytania and Marengo

House at Prytania and MarengoI am back in New Orleans after a lovely holiday drive through Texas to visit friends in Houston, College Station, and Austin. Going away always makes me happy to be back home, and today I was especially pleased to get to hop back on my bike to ride to work, lunch, and then home again. I took Prytania on my way home this afternoon and stopped to take a picture of this house on Marengo, one I often pass in my travels. It’s a beautiful house in a state of dis/repair, as it has been since I moved here. Today I noticed that they’ve redone the turret with pinkish siding of some sort that resembles frosting, and the right side of the house has been covered with tan siding. The front is still stripped wood, giving the house the impression of being caught without her face on. The house is a good metaphor for New Orleans as a whole–some of this place is flashy, some is rebuilt, and a lot of it is bare, waiting for something to change. The difference is this house will most likely see results from all that waiting. I’m not so sure about some of the neighborhoods in New Orleans.  **I was just informed that this house has been in disrepair for years and years and years.  So I guess it might just keep on waiting too.

5 thoughts on “House on Prytania and Marengo

  1. my aunt and uncle lived there most of their lives in an apartment on the first floor. we would go there every mardi gras and walk to st,charles ave. i always thought the house was haunted.

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