Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph

Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph St.Today I rode up to campus along Prytania, enjoying its smooth asphalt. When it hits Joseph Street, you get to jog right or left, and the asphalt gets considerably bumpier, and the shoulder much smaller. As I tooled up to the stop, I noticed the cartoon stop sign on the house right in front. Continue reading

Cuban Flag Commemoration Plaque at Poydras and Magazine

Cuban Flag Commemoration Plaque at Poydras and MagazineThe past few days have been rainy rainy, so when the sun came out today and S. wanted to come over for a swim, I readily agreed. We then decided to go see a movie. At the movie theater. I hadn’t seen a movie in movie theater since December. Continue reading

Sunshine at Prytania and Peniston

Sunshine at Prytania and PenistonIt was downright beautiful in New Orleans today.  And I mean beautiful.  I put on a short skirt, heels, and my helmet and sped off to work feeling like a little girl with no responsibilities.  At least, I felt like that until I got to the office and had to work.  But the ride home was even nicer, because I’ve got tomorrow off and a whole world to bike through.  I stopped to take this picture at the corner of Peniston and Prytania because it was exactly what a beautiful day here looks like to me.  Continue reading

House on Prytania and Marengo

House at Prytania and MarengoI am back in New Orleans after a lovely holiday drive through Texas to visit friends in Houston, College Station, and Austin. Going away always makes me happy to be back home, and today I was especially pleased to get to hop back on my bike to ride to work, lunch, and then home again. Continue reading

Termite Tenting on Prytania

I am back on the bike after a long trip to Texas and a visit from a bike-less sister. I can’t believe how much it affected me to be off the bike. I haven’t felt quite right, and my timing has been off; it is as if I have been in the twilight zone. Continue reading

Abandoned Drug Store on Prytania

I have been out of town, without bicycle, for over a week, and it feels like forever.  It turns out I really *do* need to ride to feel right.  I have been away for good reasons to good places, but I was happy to get back on Rhoda today, if only for a task ride to the gym and back.  I recently moved to a tiny cottage behind a fancy house in the Garden District, and this has changed the complexion of my task rides.  Where I used to start out on bumpy roads passing an abandoned playground, I now start out on smooth roads passing fancy mansions.  Continue reading