Snow Day

Snow Day!It has been downright cold lately, and wet and rainy.  Riding my bike in the rain is a whole different thing when it’s cold out, and, frankly, something I’m not eager to do.  This means, unfortunately, that my bike rides in the past week have been utility rides.  To work and home again.  Continue reading

T-shirt Shop on Bourbon Street

T-Shirts on BourbonI rode my bike down to the Quarter tonight, hoping to see some Saints fans getting their party on after a nice win this afternoon. As I walked my bike down Bourbon Street I noticed quite a few Bush and Brees jerseys, and some folks decked out in Atlanta Hawks gear, but all in all, it seemed a quiet night. Continue reading

House on Prytania and Marengo

House at Prytania and MarengoI am back in New Orleans after a lovely holiday drive through Texas to visit friends in Houston, College Station, and Austin. Going away always makes me happy to be back home, and today I was especially pleased to get to hop back on my bike to ride to work, lunch, and then home again. Continue reading