Sky Above the St. Thomas Development

Sky Over Lower MagazineYes, this really is a picture of the sky in New Orleans today. That blue is ridiculous. I was riding down to a coffee shop to do some reading, and decided to get off Magazine Street and enjoy the occasionally smooth pavement of Laurel Street. This neighborhood–part Irish Channel, part Lower Garden District–is incredibly mixed. There are remodeled homes that would fit right in up near Tulane, there are burned out houses still awaiting rebuilding or demolition, modest homes like the ones on the other side of Magazine. And yes, the neighborhoods really do change that quickly. This, though, is the St. Thomas Development. These apartments/homes are really new. The street is paved, but with occasional bands of exposed brick. Very authentic, but terrible on a bike. To me these places look like they were built by whomever built all the Home Depots and Best Buys around the country. But there is also some attention to detail that would make sense in the neighborhood–cutesy street lamps, shotgun-style homes, porches. Not that there could ever be enough porches… As I rode my bike through here today I thought about how we make new things to look new and also look old, to keep up with some sense of nostalgia. It’s like the streetcars here. I heard somewhere that they are built in Italy, made to look like the streetcars of old, rather than being remodeled and redone in ways that might be more efficient. It’s a political decision what we decide to keep and what we let pass away. I need more history on this particular development before I say anything more. I do know I love the New Orleans sky in springtime, no matter where I’m riding.

4 thoughts on “Sky Above the St. Thomas Development

  1. I wanted to say that I just stumbled across your blog, and enjoy it very much. My husband and I intermittently blog about New Orleans bicycling (and everything else), and it is nice to see someone else doing the same.

    • I’m not sure what you’re looking for exactly, but that’s a transitional neighborhood, and it really varies block to block. Lots of families live there, and it is centrally located, but again, i advise tooling around and checking it our for yourself to get a feel. Lucky you, moving to NOLA!

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