Film Set at Barracks and St. Claude

Props at Barracks and St. ClaudeI’m on spring break and the weather is perfect.  That means bike riding, of course.  Today I tooled down to to the Marigny to meet some friends for coffee and reading.  But I was having such a good time feeling the sunshine and listening to music that I decided to zip up and down all the streets in the Quarter, which were virtually empty, before heading to the cafe.  It felt so good.  Once I hit Rampart, I was ready to turn, but I saw Barracks Street was blocked off.  Now, in my opinion, if a street is blocked off, one should take advantage of the bicycle and see what’s up.  It turns out HBO is shooting the pilot of a new series, Treme, and filming was active today.  So, so many projects are being shot in this town right now, and have been since I moved to town.  I snapped this picture of props set up at Barracks and St. Claude.  Old, dirty appliances, including a refrigerator duct taped shut, stand as part of a post-Katrina set.  I’ve seen this sort of thing before, parts of the city set up to look like the devastation of broken levees just happened.  It’s always a bit funny to see this, because so much time and money and effort is put in to making a particular spot look abandoned, overgrown, broken, and desperate, when literally steps away what is a set here is just the neighborhood.  After I took this picture, for example, I rode just two blocks over where a house stood in total ruin.  I wish all the parts of this city still in dire straits could be cleaned out and back to normal like this corner will be tomorrow.

One thought on “Film Set at Barracks and St. Claude

  1. Thanks for the kind words about the Ride. It’s butter smooth, but I’m a bit more relaxed about it after several thousand miles of rides, as it’s starting to get a nice collection of nicks, scratches and dings.

    Hope that you are enjoying your New Ride!

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