Super Sunday Crowds at Taylor Park

Super Sunday CrowdToday was Super Sunday–the day when all the Mardi Gras Indian tribes parade together–rescheduled after last weekend’s rainout.  The weather was perfect today–sunny and warm, with occasional clouds to cool us off.  I rode my bike toward Taylor Park and just followed the crowds.  And man, there were a lot of people.  I wandered around for a bit and then texted with S. and met up with her to follow the parade.  We walked our bikes through the crowds, stopping to  watch.  The tribes were dressed beautifully and the music was wonderful and I just loved the feel of summer.  We ended up back at the park and I got in some dancing as a band played some old favorites.  Everybody was dancing–young and old, men and women, everybody.  People were dressed to see and be seen.  There were puppies, strollers, bikes, crawfish, barbeque, and, of course, beer.  I was reminded of last summer.  Oh, summer in New Orleans.  So many festivals, so much music, so much dancing outside.  My very favorite things.  If today is any sign, we’re off to a good start.  I decided to go with this photograph rather than one of the gorgeous outfitted Indians, because I love the crowds.  And that’s the part that feels like community–all of us dancing, together.  And getting there was much, much easier by bike than by car, because the streets were ridiculously crowded.  This summer will definitely be better by bike.

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