Easter House at Burdette and Willow

Easter House at Burdette and WillowI actually thought I might miss riding my bike today, due to some timing problems on my end, but fortunately K. called after her ride on the levee looking for company while she ate her dinner.  I hopped on Rhoda and headed to her neighborhood.  Little did I know the night would take an exciting turn: K. was waiting for a call from a friend of a friend who was gifting her an old Raleigh cruiser for her to ride around town when she’s not comfortable leaving her fancy new Surly Steamroller locked up on the mean streets of New Orleans.  There’s nothing I like more than new-to-you bicycles. We rolled it to the gas station to put some air in the tires (I know, I know, but there was no pump in the vicinity), and the girl was ready to ride.  On the ride back to K.’s we passed this house on Burdette, right off Willow.  The place is fully decked out for Easter–bunny and egg lights, a sick number of inflatables (which I didn’t even know they made for Easter), egg ornaments on bushes and trees, paper bunnies hanging from branches, and a sign on the front gate which read: “Why Destroy Something Others Might Enjoy, When There Is So Much Destruction Around Us?”  Good question.  I enjoyed this home’s massive decorations, and I hope everybody leaves them alone.

2 thoughts on “Easter House at Burdette and Willow

  1. I had no idea the inflatables had floated to any other holiday. In this case, I love them because of the destruction sign. Really smart and awesome. Your picture of it is so friendly and happy.

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