Truck Dumping Bales of Hay at Druid Hill Park Conservatory

Truck Dumping Bales of Hay at Druid Hill Park ConservatorySaturday was another sickeningly sweet day, so when N. suggested a trip to the spring flower show at the Rawlings Conservatory in Druid Hill Park and asked if I wanted to meet her there on my bike, the answer was an easy YES. I pedaled out without even a just-in-case sweatshirt, and I wasn’t the only one out there. The whole city seemed to have emerged in shorts and t-shirts and sunglasses, and I was happy to join them. I beat N. to the park, because bikes are faster than cars, especially when the car gives a guy who just missed the bus a ride to the train station–N. is such a peach. Continue reading

Miniature Ponies, a Pig, and Two Bunnies in the Chris Owens Easter Parade

It’s Easter Sunday in New Orleans, so you know what that means–parades! I was positively exhausted today, in that way that burning the candle at all ends tends to leave a girl. But once I was out of bed, I put on a pretty dress and some make up and hopped on the Surly to meet friends for yet another celebration in the French Quarter. Continue reading

Easter House at Burdette and Willow

Easter House at Burdette and WillowI actually thought I might miss riding my bike today, due to some timing problems on my end, but fortunately K. called after her ride on the levee looking for company while she ate her dinner.  I hopped on Rhoda and headed to her neighborhood.  Continue reading

Easter Shoppers at Winn-Dixie

Big Lines at the Winn DixieI had a great bike riding day yesterday.  I rode down to the Quarter to see one more panel at the PCA conference, back Uptown for drinks with friends, back down to the Bywater for wine with friends, to the Quarter for some dancing, and then back home.  I didn’t take any pictures, though.  I just rode.  It felt so good.  Today the winds were up and the weather was bad and the tornado warnings were on.  So naturally I went out on a bike ride.  Continue reading