Hornets V. Nuggets at the New Orleans Arena

Hornets v Nuggets at the ArenaSometimes wonderful things fall in to your lap.  Today, it was floor seats under the basket to the Hornets/Nuggets playoff game tonight.  D. called asking if N. and I might want to accompany her.  Um…yeah!  I considered carpooling down to the Arena with N., but driving is flipping stressful, especially to an event like this.  N. barely offered me a ride, because she rightly knew there was no chance I’d give up a chance to ride my bike.  So I hopped on Rhoda and tooled down to meet my friends.  I was ridiculously excited.  I mean, I went to my very first NBA game just a couple of months ago, after years basketball-watching.  But a PLAYOFF game?  That’s even more thrilling.  I snapped this picture while waiting for my friends to park their cars–it took me mere minutes to find a parking spot right in front.  Ok, enough soapbox.  We all piled in and watched a historically terrible loss.  The Hornets looked like the junior high B team, and we lost by sixty freaking points.  Total embarrassment.  But me?  I had a fantastic time.  I love crowds and dancing girls and mascots and beer and sports and fans.  After the game I hopped on my bike and zipped by the crowds walking to their cars; a number of people recognized me from my stint on the Dance Cam–that’s what you get when you’re shameless like me.  Yep, I had a lot of fun, and then I got to ride my bike home in the cool evening air.  Now if the Hornets can just figure out a way to pull out a miracle, maybe I can luck in to some more tickets and have more excuses to bike around the CBD.

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