One Way/No Right Turn at Canal & Jeff Davis

The best thing about using a bicycle for transportation is that you are guaranteed to get to ride a bike every single day, except for those days where you stay in bed all day until you move to the couch and then back again. I didn’t have time for a ride to nowhere today, but I did need to get myself to campus, so I hopped on the Surly and headed that way. Continue reading

Tulane VS Southern in the Women’s NIT at Fogelman Arena


Today’s bike ride was a short one, but it took me somewhere good: up to campus to see the Tulane women’s basketball team take on Southern in the first game of the NIT. I love watching sports, and college basketball tourney time is one of my favorites (in spite of my qualms about college sports, but that’s for another time). And for six bucks I could get a little taste of some live basketball action–big win! I snapped this picture halfway through the second half, when Tulane was up by 30. Yeah, it wasn’t even close, and I’m sure that had something to do with all the knee braces on those Lady Jags. Oh, and perhaps the smothering defense of the Green Wave. Something else entirely was happening in the case of the bands, however. If I’d been playing in the Tulane band, I’d have been peeing in my pants. After the game I rode home, made a quick stop at N.’s for a nightcap of basketball, and was grateful for the cool nights of spring. Here’s hoping there are many more.

Tulane VS South Alabama Women’s Basketball Game at Fogelman Arena

I teach a lot of student athletes at Tulane–basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, football, I teach them all. Athletes get a bad rap sometimes for blowing off coursework for the culture of the game. Well, all kinds of students manage to blow off coursework, so it hardly seems fair to lay that on the athletes. And in my experience, athletes balance an incredible number of commitments, often impressively. So when the football team invited me to go behind the scenes at a game, I eagerly said yes, because I wanted to show my support for my students, and because who doesn’t want to watch the game from the field! My body was requesting a rest from the bike, so I thought I’d drive, but alas, when you leave your car idle for weeks because you’d rather ride your bike, the battery dies. So I put on the bike shoes, climbed on the Surly, and headed down to the Superdome with N. in tow. Continue reading

Hornets V. Nuggets at the New Orleans Arena

Hornets v Nuggets at the ArenaSometimes wonderful things fall in to your lap.  Today, it was floor seats under the basket to the Hornets/Nuggets playoff game tonight.  D. called asking if N. and I might want to accompany her.  Um…yeah!  Continue reading

Loyola Men’s Basketball Team Photo

I rode my bike up and down St. Charles Avenue six times today, and it felt good to get out on the bike in spite of my cold.  On my way past Loyola and Tulane on trip number three I stopped to snap this picture of a photographer snapping that picture of the Loyola men’s basketball team.  Continue reading