Metal House at Laurel and Austerlitz

Metal House on Laurel StreetI was tired today, but I couldn’t help taking the bike out for a quick ride.  To a bike shop, of course.  That’s what reading books about bikes at the bookstore up the street will get you.  So I hopped on Jack and rode Uptown to meet up with K., who needed a new tire for her Surly Steamroller.  I somehow managed to get out of the bike shop with no prezzies, and rode home, concentrating on my cadence.  I’ve got to get it up there, because I think slow cadence and tough gears are starting to do a number on my knees.  But that didn’t keep me from watching the neighborhood while I rode.  I stopped near home to take a picture of this house that looks like it’s made out of corrugated aluminum, except for that facade.  It’s not the only new house with this surprisingly modern industrial look popping up around town.  I assume they are built like this to be efficient and safe in this environment.  They looks weird and out of place, but that’s part of why I like these new buildings.  In a way, they fit right in.

One thought on “Metal House at Laurel and Austerlitz

  1. I used to live around the corner from this place – it is a weird, modern-looking thing, but it is actually an old building that was already divided into apartments when it was rennovated and the siding put on. But it does resemble the post-K modern takes on the shotgun house that we’re starting to see around N.O.

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