Beer Pong at the Fly

Beer Pong at the FlyMy little sister is in town, and that has meant more driving than I’m used to, but also the chance to take my family on some of my favorite routes.  I missed yesterday’s bicycle pub crawl (you know I wish I’d been there, Randy), but today I got to ride up Chestnut, around Audubon Park, and up on the Fly to see the Mississippi River.  I forgot how it feels to ride around here for the first time.  The sis kept up great, and she looked damn cute on Rhoda.  Jack had fun too–it’s nice to take the two bikes out together.  I snapped this picture of folks playing beer pong.  New Orleans doesn’t have an open container law, so of course beer pong is totally acceptable here at the Fly.  I’ve already spent much of this weekend with friends and family, enjoying music at Bayou Boogaloo, having a cookout in Mid-City, and just goofing around.  I loved taking a break from my own goofing to watch other folks do the same things with their people.  Today may have set a new record for “How you doin'”s.  Sometimes, riding around this place, it just feels like you could plop down with any set of people enjoying each other and fit right in.  Especially if you’re good at beer pong.  Yeah, it’s a good holiday weekend.

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