Rain Puddles at Camp and Antonine

Puddles at Antonine and CampI woke up early this morning with biking on my mind.  After a short ride with the baby sister yesterday, I was itching for more.  I thought to myself, today let’s ride to the end of the levee.  So I hopped out of bed, threw on my new biking gear (thanks for sending prezzies, dad!), grabbed a banana, and headed out the door.  I knew it was going to rain.  I could hear the thunder before I even got up.  But I figured I could either outrace it or it’d be one of those brief rain dumps that happen in the summertime.  I saw the steely gray sky ahead, and even thought about taking a photo so I could blog about ill-fated ride attempts later.  But then the sky just opened up.  We’re talking buckets of rain.  Now, I’ll ride in the rain, but I wear glasses.  And raindrops render me blind, especially when you add fog.  Not good.  Today, I couldn’t see except for blurry peering over the tops of the glasses.  So I pulled over at a coffee shop and made myself comfortable, thinking I’d wait it out.  But an hour later it showed no signs of letting up, so I turned around and headed home.  I snapped a photo of these twin puddles at Camp and Antonine.  They left a bike lane through the middle for me, I thought to myself.  Oh well, better riding tomorrow, I hope.

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