Lot For Sale at Richard and Annunciation

Lot For Sale at Richard and AnnunciationToday’s ride took me to the coffee shop for some revising, planning, reading, and chatting. It was nice and warm out, and the ride home was delightful. I took Annunciation, and was surprised yet again at how different this city looks from just street to street. This street is what–six or seven blocks from St. Charles? But it just looks and feels so different.  No mansions, but rather rebuilt homes next to decaying ones, potholes and empty lots. I snapped this picture of a lot for sale at Richard and Annunciation. The sign reads, “New Orleans Real Estate.” I’m not sure if that’s a selling point or not at this point. I mean, is property a good investment in Atlantis? Then again, this is some of the highest ground in the city. And the iron structure on the right? That’s a warehouse that’s finally being rebuilt, so it might turn in to something good, like a delicious restaurant. And the if you scratch out the big chimney-thing in the background and focus on the tree and the sky, well, this is a beautiful, beautiful spot. I guess it all depends on your perspective. Today, for me (that shadow at the bottom), this was positively lovely.

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