View From a Coffee Shop in Harbor East

View From a Coffee Shop in Harbor EastIt’s cold again here, so I put on my windproof jacket when I headed out the door this morning to fetch some things for the sickly S. up the street. And then I realized I forgot my gloves. Welp, that’s a lesson I get to learn again! After a most lovely morning I got back on the bike and headed out on errands and then to get some work done. I pedaled easily along, and once I made it into the sun, my li’l paws warmed up. I’m so, so, so pleased it’s still bicycling weather. It was all lovely until I realized that I was actually going to have to sit down and do some work-bah! Continue reading

Glowing Puppets at Constance and Orange

Light Puppets at Constance and OrangeToday’s bike ride took me down to the Marigny to meet up with S. for some writing and coffee. It is apparently the last warm day for awhile, but I’ll believe that when I feel it. I zipped back Uptown to meet K. for a show. Continue reading

St. Thomas Housing Development at Chippewa and St. Andrew

Houses in the St. Thomas DevelopmentSchool in session has meant a whole lot more work. I fear my job is getting in the way of my mindless riding around town. Today, after my commute to and from work, I hopped back on the bike and tooled down to the Marigny for coffee and writing with S. I rode down Chippewa, through the St. Thomas Development. Continue reading

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson Square

Matching T-Shirts at Jackson SquareI got a text from S. this morning asking if anybody wanted to get a bagel or beignets.  She had me at beignets.  I hopped on Rhoda and sped down to the Quarter to Cafe du Monde, listening to that sort of music that makes you feel like it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re aliveContinue reading

Lot For Sale at Richard and Annunciation

Lot For Sale at Richard and AnnunciationToday’s ride took me to the coffee shop for some revising, planning, reading, and chatting. It was nice and warm out, and the ride home was delightful. I took Annunciation, and was surprised yet again at how different this city looks from just street to street. Continue reading

Rue de la Course on Magazine Street

Rue de la CourseIt was a rainy day in New Orleans, and I considered taking my car, but I managed to avoid the downpours and rode my bike to work.  After work I headed to Rue de la Course on Magazine Street, my home away from home, my other office.  Continue reading

Sidewalk at Magazine and Orange Street

Sidewalk at Magazine and RaceIt’s that time of year–I’ve got bronchitis. And I’m not happy about it, especially as it is seriously cutting in to my bike time! It is so, so frustrating to not be able to breathe normally and thus not be able to ride normally. Continue reading