Frenchman Street From A Balcony

Frenchman Street From the Blue Nile BalconyLast night ran late, so i didn’t have the energy to blog when I finally got home. The night started with a drive–yes, a drive–down to the Lower Ninth for a housewarming party. It was raining, and I just wasn’t in the mood to start a ride in the rain. Afterwards, though, I drove back Uptown to get my bike, because I really, really wanted to ride. I rode down to Frenchman Street to meet up with friends for drinks and music. The usual suspects were crowded, and we chose to sip our beers and sake outside, waiting for midnight when the Blue Nile upstairs opened with a hip hop dj. It was worth the wait. I love to dance–anywhere, to anything–and the relatively cool night led to some most excellent fun. I snapped this picture while standing out on the balcony. The street seemed so empty, even on  a Friday night. Where is everybody? I  know summertime isn’t  everyone’s favorite time to visit, but people do still live here. Last night, that meant more dance space for me and parking for my friends who drove. And that sign pole across from the bike shop? Plenty of room for me to lock up my bike. After the dance party moved to the Treme I finally headed home, zipping through the near-empty streets of New Orleans, glad to have my bike and this city.

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