Train Tracks and Ships on Chartres and Louisa

Train and Ship on the River in the BywaterToday was one of those perfect New Orleans Sundays, surprisingly cool and dry, blue sky, light breeze. It started with a lazy morning at home followed by a ride down to the Treme for brunch with friends, sipping champagne on the balcony in J. and S.’s newly-installed hammock. I lay there, staring up at the sky, listening to friends chatter and laugh, and felt damn lucky to be alive. The evening found me riding down the Bacchanal, a wine bar in the Bywater, for music, cheese and bread, and yes, wine. I snapped this photo on Chartres near Louisa because I just loved the color of the sky. I mean really. Look at it. It’s practically obscene. Over those train tracks and that wall is the Mississippi river, and off in the distance you can see a ship docked at the shore. I love the way the river stays hidden here, so sometimes it looks like a ship is driving down the street. This city looks like it does because of the shape of that river, but you’d never know it from biking around town. It’s a rare thing in this town to stay hidden, and that’s just what the river does. But its affects are everywhere. After a lovely night sitting out side I rode back through the Bywater for some night swimming and then back Uptown by way of the Treme, the Quarter, the CBD, Central City, and Magazine Street. Yes, it was a perfect Sunday in New Orleans, better, as always, by bike.

One thought on “Train Tracks and Ships on Chartres and Louisa

  1. Hello Kate,
    I am French, and I work for a little theatre compagny in France. I would like to talk with the person who take the photograph up here, with the sunrise and the train, because we would like to use it to make a poster for a play… I just wanted to know if this person is ok with that, and what is her or his name.
    I didn’t find some other ways to contact you. Sorry.
    I hope I’ll soon get news from you,

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