Parrot on a Wire at Erato and Oretha Castle Haley

Bird on a WireThe post office closed at 4:30. I got there at 4:39. That meant a ride down to the main post office on Loyola. I wasn’t quite in the mood for that little trip this afternoon, but the bike ride through Central City was surprisingly pleasant and the line at the post office–at 5:00pm, mind you–took less than fifteen minutes. Riding back on Oretha Castle Haley, I heard a loud rustling and looked up to see three parrots. They heard my squeaky bike and flew to safety. I know there are parrots in these parts, but I’d never seen them up close, so I stopped and waited quietly for them to fly back down and let me peek at them. While waiting I thought about how lucky I was to be on my bike. If I’d been in a car I wouldn’t have heard the parrots, and if I had, I wouldn’t have been able stop hard and pedal back to catch a look at them. Two of them finally fluttered down, but this one stayed up on the wire. I didn’t have my camera with me, so had to take this picture looking up through my cell phone. I was disappointed not to be prepared to catch this lovely green bird against a blue-gray cloudy sky. But then I remembered that one of the great things about riding a bike around is that I get to see whatever I get to see. Photographs see all kinds of things, but not the same things eyes do. So I stared at this bird on the wire at Erato and OC Haley for awhile, and then rode home, happy for another day on the bike.

4 thoughts on “Parrot on a Wire at Erato and Oretha Castle Haley

  1. Ever notice the big communal nests that those Monk Parakeets make on cellphone towers and places like that? They really like to nest in the palm and palmetto trees, but it’s not as easy to see the nests they build there.

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