Flex New Orleans at Baronne

Flex Baths on BaronneTonight I rode down to the Treme for dinner with D. and then over to the edge of the French Quarter for a show at the House of Blues. I of course saw many Lutherans on my way downtown–rounding Lee Circle, blocking traffic at Camp and Carondolet, and marching through the Quarter im their matching Tshirts, or matching sequined dresses. The seem to be having a good time, and after spending some time reading their doctrine on their web site, I’ve got to say they seem like the good guys. On my ride home, though, I didn’t see any Lutherans. Their “lights out” is at 11:30, so my one AM ride meant empty streets. On my way home I stopped to take this picture of Flex New Orleans at 700 Baronne. I pass this building most nights as I head home from the Quarter, but I’ver never figured out what “Flex” is. I mean, the entrance is on the side of the building, and there is never any nothing that suggests what goes on in this building. Tonight I chose to head home after my nightcap so I could catch life in this neighborhood, but at least I figured out where our local bathhouse is. Flex, at 700 Baronne. I needed to get home, so didn’t stop in, but I sure hope you will.

2 thoughts on “Flex New Orleans at Baronne

  1. it’s a men only health club/gym. one of my co workers popped in recently to investigate. she was not welcomed with open arms.

  2. I was just looking up Flex, too. It’s a gay men’s health club — read: sex club/bath house. Someone had asked me what it was so I googled it 🙂 Random, hm?

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