New Orleans Skyline From the S. Jeff Pkway Pedestrian Bridge

New Orleans Skyline From the S. Jefferson Davis Parkway Pedestrian BridgeYesterday’s ride took a lot out of me, so I must admit I wasn’t terribly looking forward to the ride down to D.’s in the Treme, though I was definitely hip to an end-of-summer grilling extravaganza, complete with key lime pie. God, I love key lime pie. Anyway, I picked up a whole bunch of corn and some asparagus and rode down. It was another beautiful day in New Orleans, with low humidity and clear skies. After the grilling excursion I rode over to Mid-City and then back Uptown via S. Jefferson Parkway. The pedestrian bridge over I10 is one of the few hills in this town. No, really. I was pumping hard on Rhoda, determined not to be passed by the sporty road bike behind me (a losing proposition). I stopped to take this picture of the New Orleans skyline from the top of the bridge. I remember when I first drove in to town. There’s seemingly nothing but kudzu from Shreveport to Baton Rouge. When I saw this skyline, I felt like I might finally have found a city underneath all that green; I felt like I might not be lost after all. But this skyline must look very, very different for those who spent those terrible days and nights in the Superdome, there in the center. Skylines are like homes–complicated.

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