Sunset Over Lee Circle From the Fifth Floor of the Ogden Museum

Oh, the difference a few degrees and a few more percentage points of humidity make! I didn’t need to towel off following my couple miles bike commute to campus. After work there was practically a chill in the air! Well, not quite, but close enough. I headed down to the museum for music and to check out their exhibit of photographs from right after the levees broke following Katrina. Continue reading

Sunset Over S. Joseph and Toledano

There’s no way for me to get a picture that could possibly show what the sky looked like when I left for a ride to Mid-City. As I rolled out my door, the sky was a dozen shades of pink and orange and blue. Some parts of the sky looked like pulled taffy, thick ribbons of color across the horizon. The view was eerily beautiful as it gave way to night. The ride home was a little different. Yep, it was dark out, and the street lights seem to work only intermittently. All the more reason to make sure we use headlights, especially since it’s going to be the law on Monday. Front and back lights, folks, for safety and because it’s the law. Safe riding!

French Quarter Skyline from Barracks and Burgundy

Oh, it was another beautiful day in New Orleans! So why was I so grumpy? It was the last day of my introductory course up at school, and even though I love school’s-out-for-summer as much as the next one, I get a little sad to see each group go. After a nice lunch and a ride home for some pleasure reading, I headed back out on the bike to meet J. at the gym. Continue reading

New Orleans Skyline From the S. Jeff Pkway Pedestrian Bridge

New Orleans Skyline From the S. Jefferson Davis Parkway Pedestrian BridgeYesterday’s ride took a lot out of me, so I must admit I wasn’t terribly looking forward to the ride down to D.’s in the Treme, though I was definitely hip to an end-of-summer grilling extravaganza, complete with key lime pie. God, I love key lime pie. Continue reading