Tiny House on Camp Street Near Napoleon

Tiny House on Camp StreetYesterday’s bike ride found me stranded on Bayou St. John in a serious, serious rainstorm. It was so bad I actually took a ride home. In a car. My touring bike is getting some quality time over there on Moss Street while I ride Rhoda. Today’s ride was just a commute, because I was exhausted after work. On my way home, after a quick stop at the grocery, I saw this tiny house on Camp Street near Napoleon. I’m used to all kinds of unusual architecture in this town. I mean, we’ve got houses made out of old shipping containers, concept houses that look like they’ve come from the Jetsons, those candyland houses painted crazy colors, brightening up the neighborhoods. But what is this tiny thing for? It looks like a big doll house or something. And it’s got those new baby palm trees in front! I’ve got nothing deep to say about this teensy house with its teensy steps and teensy yard, but I love that it’s here, another delightful surprise, seen from the bike.

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