Blue Sky and Clouds Over Dauphine & Piety

I had a juice date with S. down in the Bywater this morning, so that meant I got to hop on the bike early. I don’t usually see downtown at that time of day, and I swear the light is different. I had trouble deciding on a route. I wanted the speed of St. Charles without the rocky riding I expected on Camp Street in the CBD–they’ve been resurfacing it for repaving–but I decided to risk it, and took Prytania down to Camp. Guess what? Continue reading

Tiny House on Camp Street Near Napoleon

Tiny House on Camp StreetYesterday’s bike ride found me stranded on Bayou St. John in a serious, serious rainstorm. It was so bad I actually took a ride home. In a car. My touring bike is getting some quality time over there on Moss Street while I ride Rhoda. Continue reading

House and Lot at Thalia and Camp

House at Thalia and CampI haven’t blogged in a few days, but not because I haven’t been riding around, but because I’ve been out riding so late.  By the time I’ve gotten home, I’ve been too tired to write.  Continue reading

Bike Route at Coliseum and Antonine

Bike Route at Coliseum and AntonineI’ve been taking some time off the bike to give my poor knees a rest, so today’s ride just took me to the hair salon and back.  On my return, I stopped to snap this photo of the Bike Route sign on Coliseum and Antonine.  Continue reading

Crime Happened Here Sign on Camp Street

Crime Happened HereToday the group Silence is Violence held it’s strike against crime.  I noticed that something was up almost immediately upon getting on my bike when I saw this sign just a few blocks from home.  And, as I continued my commute to work, I saw dozens more, each marking the location of a crime.  Continue reading