House Under Construction at Pleasant and Constance

House Under Construction at Pleasant and ConstanceIt was another warm and humid fall day in New Orleans, and it was my Friday, making the ride to work all the more pleasurable. At an impromptu lunch with R. and N., we talked about the pleasures of watching change happen in this city. I mean, I ride my bike along the same streets, day after day after day. But it is always different. Take, for example, the public housing rising all of the sudden up on Louisiana near Claiborne or that leak on Freret Street that has finally been repaired; the thing is, for all the decay and blight in this place, there’s also a lot of rebuilding and change. Take this house at the corner of Pleasant and Constance, which I passed on my ride home from a lovely dinner with K. I have been riding by this house for a couple of years. It is still in disarray, but it has new siding on one side, and the permit that used to be stapled to the front in gone, and some clearing of debris has definitely happened. I don’t know what’s currently going on with the place or when the house might be livable again, but riding my bike around this city, I can watch happens on this corner, and many, many others.

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