Piles of Rubble in Sharp-Leadenhall Near Race & Ostend

Piles of Rubble in Sharp-Leadenhall Near Race & OstendThursday’s ride took me to Charles Village to meet N. for a surprise lunch before heading down to the Horseshoe Casino to invest some spare dollars and then enjoy happy hour while watching college basketball. None of that aligns with any of my political priorities, but fuck it, I’m on vacation and am basically a huge hypocrite. I left, one “cosmopolitan” and two lite beers plus some of Guy Fieri’s “vegas fries” on board, but in spite of all that, since I broke even at the slots and UCLA won a nailbiter, I considered myself a winner. Continue reading

Construction at Monroe and Earhart

I had the afternoon free after meeting my writing goals in the morning, so–surprise, surprise–I took the bike out for a ride. After bzzzzzzzing for Spain with N., I rode over to the Mississippi River levee patch and zipped quickly along with a strong tailwind. Oh, it was so beautiful out there today and the river was running high and the sun was warm and I had nowhere to be. Yeah, it was that sort of day. Continue reading

Remnants Of An Old Drugstore at St. Bernard and Broad

I had one of those days where I woke up a little grumpy and it just got worse as lots of little irritations and annoyances added up. The only answer was, of course, a long bike ride in the sun under a frighteningly blue sky. I zeroed out my inbox (nothing prettier than an empty inbox!) and hopped on the Surly for a ride. Continue reading

New Construction at Louisiana and St. Charles

New Construction at Louisiana and St. CharlesIt was a perfectly beautiful day in New Orleans–slightly cool, slightly breezy, clear as a bell. I hopped on the Surly, clipped in, and zipped up to work. Man, there is just nothing like riding that bike, skirt flying in the breeze. It reminds me, every time, just how perfect the bicycle is. I mean, it’s such a simple machine. I just move my legs up and down in a circle, and I’m really speeding. I feel it especially when passing pedestrians–man, they’re moving slowly. Every once in a great while I’ll walk (like if I have a flat…), and I’m reminded that what I see every day is what I see on a bike; walking gives whole different views. Continue reading

New Construction on Annunciation Between Marengo and Milan

New Construction on Annuciation Between Marengo and MilanOh, this delightful fall weather! I put on pants! and a sweater! and rode my bike to work in the clear and sunny morning. I had a frustrating day–rather Kafkaesque, to be honest–but riding home in this weather let me work out some of the niggling irritations of copy machines that don’t work and mail that seems to be lost. Continue reading

Foam Block Construction at Freret and Jena

New Construction on FreretIt has been raining like crazy and I’ve been crazy busy preparing for a trip to Los Angeles this week, which has been seriously putting a crimp in my riding and blogging. Continue reading

House Under Construction at Pleasant and Constance

House Under Construction at Pleasant and ConstanceIt was another warm and humid fall day in New Orleans, and it was my Friday, making the ride to work all the more pleasurable. At an impromptu lunch with R. and N., we talked about the pleasures of watching change happen in this city. Continue reading

New Construction at Felicity and Baronne

New Construction at Felicity and BaronneToday was one of those days when my bike is my transportation. I commuted up to work for my morning seminar and then back home for lunch and letter writing. I took my grading down to the Marigny for late afternoon coffee. Continue reading

Lindy Boggs Medical Center in Mid-City

Abandoned Hospital in Mid-CityThe sun came out again today thank goodness.  I hadn’t ridden my bicycle in two whole days–which is a really long time.  I was getting itchy.  So after riding to and from work today I took Jack out for a long ride around Mid-City.  Continue reading

Moving By Crane at Tulane

Moving By Crane at TulaneI have had lots of long bike rides in the last few days, but haven’t had time to blog.  Today I was back at work, using my bike for the commute.  When I was riding home this afternoon, I saw this crane moving things in–or out–of one of the campus buildings.  Continue reading