Cars and Cars at Baronne and Howard

Lines of Cars at Baronne and HowardI don’t know if you heard, but the Saints had a game tonight. And they are having a really good season. 6-0 going in to tonight’s game, in fact. It felt like the whole city was gearing up for a party, so I hopped on the Surly (Rhoda’s out of commission at the moment) and headed down to the Treme, via Loyola, to watch the game in HD at J. and R.’s place. The parking lots I passed were full of tailgaters with blaring music, barbecues, and beer. That meant, of course, my ride home took me through a lot of drunk drivers and drunk pedestrians. These are the rides that make me feel like I’m in an obstacle course, and sometimes it’s safest to just walk the bike on the sidewalk. I snapped this picture of cars lining up to get on the Pontchartrain Expressway leading to I10. Cars were moving incredibly slowly, and I was glad, again, to be on my bike. This line will be slo-o-o-w going. I’d positively wait in that line if it meant I’d have gotten to be inside the Dome tonight. That was a fantastic football game, and I am absolutely digging the collective excitement. But me? I’m taking my bike to the victory parade.

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