Halloween at St. Ann and Dauphine

Halloween at St. Ann and DauphineI have a lot of mixed feelings about Halloween in New Orleans. I hate the pressure to dress up and have fun, which never seems to be more than standing around with cheap beer watching the fiftieth Sarah Palin–wait–this year it’s Max from Where the Wild Things Are— walk by. But that’s the grinch Kate. Once I get my costume on, I just want to go out to Frenchman Street to see what the rest of the world is wearing. This year I went as a bike accident victim–let’s hope that stays a costume. I brought all my bike gear down to S.’s place in the Treme, not sure what accessories I’d want. That came in handy, since I got a flat on my way. I took this picture on my ride home. It was three in the morning, and that early only because of the time change. The streets were still full of people, but at this hour, most folks were drunk and staggering toward nonexistent cabs. I saw several variations on the general theme of “slut,” including slutty referee, slutty bee, slutty angel, and slutty witch. There were lots of pirates and zombies and people from the 80s. Once I remove my grinch, I really enjoy just staring at everybody. I continued home, happy to be on my bike, even though my quick fix didn’t make it all the way home. I pushed my bike the last half mile, happy to say goodbye to another drunken costumed holiday.

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