Lights at the World War II Museum in the Warehouse District

WWII Museum Lights on MagazineRhoda’s rear cog was a little loose and I don’t have the proper flat wrench for repair, so I took her to the bike shoppe for a little TLC this afternoon. Ten bucks later and the girl was riding like a dream, so I was happy to pedal her down to the Marigny tonight for a drink with a former student and then over to S.’s place for roasted beets, prosecco, and some TV with S. and R. On my ride down I noticed those swirling/flashing sky light things. Yep, it was Opening Night of the new $60 million auditorium at the World War II museum. The party was over by the time I was headed home, but I stopped at Magazine and the freeway to snap a picture of the red, white, and blue lights lighting up the museum behind me. The place looks amazing, and the new John Besh restaurant and fancy gift shop and new facades and parking facilities and la dee da is all beautiful. I then rode through the light, avoiding this one pothole on the right. It used to be seriously, ringed with white spray paint to warn us. And then, about a year ago, the Pothole Killer filled the thing. And it’s been steadily sinking ever since. In another six months or so, it’ll be time to spray paint the thing again. We can build that new fantastical auditorium in what seemed like just a few months, but that hole is just going to keep sinking, over and over again. I’m guessing the city will just keep filling it.

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