New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling at the Rusty Nail Under the Expressway


If I had gotten out of bed at a reasonable hour I maybe would have gotten a good ride in–which I really, really need–but I was too busy reading about somebody else going for a walk in Baltimore (wow, that’s not how I saw those streets) and the new local paper (Jesus Christ, Frederick County-really?) that by the time I was ready to leave the house, the rain had started again. Bah. I was in my car, craigslist-dealing this, picking up S. at the airport (thank goodness S. is home again!) Until it was time to ride over to the Rusty Nail for another session with New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling. I wasn’t much in the mood for crowds, but I knew I would see most of my friends there, and it was raising money for BreakOUT!, one of those groups just plain doing good stuff. I snapped this picture of a bout and also of other people taking pictures of the bout. NOLAW is getting to be the kind of thing that you’ll want pictures of. That’s mine, and I need a much, much longer bike ride to say more than that; I’m not myself without my miles. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Bike Lane at Magazine and 90

Tonight’s parades were canceled due to rain that threatened to turn to sleet, so when J. emailed and suggested the gang gather at her and R.’s place, I gathered my flat repair kit and got a ride down to the Treme for a relaxing evening of food, drink, and bike repair. The Surly’s been living at D.’s since an untimely flat, and I decided it would be worth riding home in the rain to get her back in my living room. Continue reading

Stacks of Bricks on Magazine and Poeyfarre

Oh, it’s good to be home. I had a lovely time with the family in Massachusetts, but today’s bike ride to campus in warm sunshine was definitely a reminder of what I love about living in New Orleans. I haven’t been able to ride the Surly since I was out of town, so it was so so nice to just clip in and go. Continue reading

Lights at the World War II Museum in the Warehouse District

WWII Museum Lights on MagazineRhoda’s rear cog was a little loose and I don’t have the proper flat wrench for repair, so I took her to the bike shoppe for a little TLC this afternoon. Ten bucks later and the girl was riding like a dream, so I was happy to pedal her down to the Marigny tonight for a drink with a former student and then over to S.’s place for roasted beets, prosecco, and some TV with S. and R. Continue reading

Woodward, Wight, and Co. in the Warehouse District

Woodward, Wight, and Co., Ltd. Warehouse #9Today’s ride took me down to the Treme for S.’s going-away brunch. It seems like people are always leaving, like New Orleans is a stop on the road to elsewhere for lots and lots of folks. It can be sad to say goodbye so often, but S. is off to bigger and better things in New York City. Continue reading

New Orleans Urgent Care at Magazine and St. Joseph

New Orleans Urgent Care at Magazine and St. JosephIt was another rainy and sticky day in New Orleans as I rode around town to work, to the coffee shop, to dinner with K., and then down to the Treme to visit with D. and her kitty, Astro, who is very, very sick. I decided to take Magazine back Uptown on my way home. Continue reading