New Orleans Bike and Board Shop on Oak Street

I spent the afternoon riding my bike around, posting posters and flyers about the upcoming Bicycle Film Festival. I rode over to the Gambit offices to drop off a screener for review and then back up Carrollton to Oak Street to drop flyers at all the lovely shops over there. Carrollton on a bike sometimes feels like a death wish, especially when riding under the freeway. You’ve got to make sure you beat the cars merging on to I10. It’s ugly–Elysian-Fields-By-Lowe’s ugly. The street is also bumpy as all get out, and lo and behold, on my ride back toward the river, I flatted out, sans tube repair tools. Fortunately I was near Oak, and near a newly-opened bike shop–New Orleans Bike and Board Shop (NOBS). The store is incredibly clean and tidy–it isn’t a greasy box stuffed with bikes and bike parts. They were perfectly happy to toss Rhoda up and fix her flat (see her in the picture, in the doorway? so pretty!). They even secured my floppy front fender and put another bolt on my basket, all for ten bucks. I have to say, I love new bike shops. I needed this place today, and I enjoyed chatting with the owners and the father of another of the owners about riding bikes, fixing bikes, shopping for bikes, watching movies about bikes. I continued on my merry way, dropping flyers and posters all over the place. I stopped in at Mike the Bike Guy–something was sticking, my wheels weren’t rolling quite right. He tightened my other fender and sent me on my way. Thank you, bike shops everywhere, for keeping us on the roads.

One thought on “New Orleans Bike and Board Shop on Oak Street

  1. I have been looking for a t-shirt I wish I had purchased at the poor boy fesitval this yeaar.. It was keep oak street wierd. I am from a suburb of Chicago, and We were in New Orleans celebrating my 40th birthday, I knew I should have purchased that shirt… I mailed the festival which sent me to you. I sure do hope you can help me with this adventure. I live off an oak street also, so it has a double meaning for me.. Please help me in my Quest or r-direct me. I would probably need a medium. I would love to order a few for myself and a friend. Well thanks. God Bless. Sincerely Stephanie Washabaugh

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