Tin Cowboy and Bikes at Allways on St. Claude

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I spent it tooling around on the bike running teensy errands and finding pleasant places to grade a few papers. It got cold by the end of the evening, and I suddenly realized I was not dressed appropriately to comfortably ride home. Whatever–we’re on holiday! You can absolutely tell it’s closing in on Christmas, even though the days are still warm enough for me to ride around in a skirt, t-shirt, and flip flops. The holiday wreaths are up, the fancy lights are on, and the French Quarter carriages have their pine boughs attached. After riding around and having dinner with K., I biked back down to the Treme to see some friends. Then we headed out to Allways, where I snapped this picture while sitting in the courtyard, chatting with J. “It’s so particular,” she said of the tin cut out. She’s right–it’s a shirtless cowboy in bleached denim, stretching back like a pole dancer. I guess those bikes are pretty exciting… I found him quite soothing today, a day when I felt a little off my game. As many years as I go without spending this holiday with family, sometimes I still feel a little down to not be with them. But I’ve got a different sort of family, the sort of family that wants to sit outside in the cold and wonder, collectively, what this tin cowboy’s been up to. After a couple of drinks, I made the chilly ride home, happy that this is my home.

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