Hubcap at Magazine and Second

I couldn’t really take it anymore. Way too many days off the bike, except for short, short task rides. So I suited up for the rain and headed down to the Treme to meet up with friends for a little mayoral debate viewing party. It was still raining lightly and I rode ever so slowly, not exactly thrilled, especially when I hit some potholes disguised by water. Those are scary. But it was still good to be on my bike. The ride back Uptown, however, was dreamy. The streets were virtually empty and pretty much dry, and I just pedaled away. Sweet. I stopped on Magazine and Second to snap a picture of this hubcap leaning against some steps. I wonder how it got here; do you think it floated over there? It seems so well cared for; is someone coming back for the thing? I briefly considered picking it up and bringing it home with me but decided to just continue my ride home instead. Send vibes for a few dry days, please. Because I like to ride my bike on dry roads.

One thought on “Hubcap at Magazine and Second

  1. I sympathize with your aversion to riding in the rain. Up here in the spot reserved for the return address on America’s envelope, rainy days blend into rainy weeks, and the bike sits unused in the basement…..

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