Plant Climbing a House in the Treme

Oh, it was sunny today. Cool and sunny. My final grades were due today, so I hopped on the Surly, put on a song, and headed to campus. I’ve been feeling a little off lately; I think I just needed a fast pedal in the sunshine and a little bike dancing. After cleaning up after the semester, I headed down to the Quarter, mostly just so I could ride my bike around. I saw lots of stuff–a rude fellow biker who cut me off, fresh potholes on St. Charles after the rain of the past few weeks,  advertising agency down in the CBD with its totally out of place modern design, etc. There was a movie shooting at Jackson Square. The guy who plays his synthesizer for tips was moved out to make way for the cameras. He was muttering about it–with impressive calm, if you ask me–and one of people working on the film asked him if he had his union card, so he could join the shoot. Awkward laughs all around. The whole thing was complicated, so I got back on my bike, after snapping some photos, and headed to the Treme to pick up a friend to wander in the sunlight with. I spotted this plant crawling up the side of a house and got up close to examine it. Look at all those little “feet” shooting out, climbing up the siding! I’m used to ivy, but that stuff hides its feet. Alright, fine. I get it. We need all this rain to support the fantabulous flora we’ve got here. Much easier to feel on a lazy bike ride on a sunny afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Plant Climbing a House in the Treme

  1. I’m loving the color of the pic…so calming but yeah the “feet” are freaking me out…a little. I’m happy you have some warm weather its 30 degrees way up here….sigh

  2. Agree completely with Robert, that image stays with me. I spent some time searching for that plant, but couldn’t identify it. Is it common in New Orleans? Do you know its name? Like caro said, those feet are freaking me out a little bit.

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