Flowering Tree at Dumaine and Burgundy

After a lovely afternoon spent cleaning my apartment and talking to my cats, I hopped on the Surly to head to the Quarter for an early dinner and then a movie with friends in the Treme. Oh, it was so nice to ride around today, nowhere to be and nothing to do. And the rain didn’t even start until I was where I wanted to be. It just felt perfect–nope, I don’t want to trade with anybody. I was zipping up Dumaine when I noticed this beautiful yellow flowering tree out front of this cute house with the green shutters. I don’t know, it was just so pretty. It is the end of December and we’ve got flowers like this blooming all over the city! My ride home featured a flat tire, unfortunately. But today I was prepared with a spare tube and a hand pump. I always mean to be prepared, but today I actually was. It was just that kind of day. I’m flying to Boise, ID tomorrow for Christmas with family, so won’t be riding my bike until next week. Fortunately, I’ll be back and my bike and the city will still be here. Enjoy the holiday, and I’ll see you on the other side.

5 thoughts on “Flowering Tree at Dumaine and Burgundy

  1. Merry Christmas Kate. Have a safe trip home. I will be snowed in for Christmas….was planning to go to daughter’s home in Nebraska but no travel allowed….snow and blowing snow….should get 12 to 18 inches before the snow is done.

    • Happy Christmas to you too, Denise. So sorry you didn’t make it to Nebraska! I flew through Minneapolis yesterday. Shockingly, I made it without incident. Love to you from the Great Northwest!

      And same to you, Robert. I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  2. Kate, Merry Christmas, I hope you survive the change in weather. When you get back to NO would you fill us in on the house in the photo? It’s small but substantial. Well maintained with a slate roof. But appears unoccupied.

  3. Just wanted to comment on your blog.
    I really enjoy your observations and
    sunny view of things down there. It’s
    one of the reasons I’ve been thinking of coming down for the winter and really
    experiencing your lovely city. So many of
    us in the northeast and elsewhere only
    know that the city is still rebuilding,
    still being flooded and still suffering from
    high crime. I’m thinking of coming down
    and getting involved. Blogs like yours
    are a big reminder of the other aspects
    of New Orleans. Thanks again.

    • Kim, that is the nicest compliment I’ve received in some time! Thank you. And yes, PLEASE come visit. Look me up–we’ll take a ride.

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