Plant Growing From a Building at Lombard & Penn

Plant Growing From a Building on Lombard & Penn Monday’s ride was a similar zippy one down to the corner of Lombard and Greene to pick up the shuttle for my ride to work. I did some niggling and adjusting on my new pannier rack system, successfully solving the heel strike problem from last week. It was a long teaching day before a surprisingly short wait for the shuttle back into the city. I was happy to see a familiar face–V. from student affairs was giving the shuttle a try–and I sat next to her for a surprisingly short drive back to my bike. Sometimes the traffic let’s up. I got off early, took the slow stroll back to my bike. I stopped to snap a picture of this plant growing out of a brick wall. I’d checked out this wall from the shuttle earlier as we rode part, because I think there’s a cemetery up there. I hadn’t noticed it before–the bike’s to short to see over the wall, and why would I ride this way to cross MLK anyway? New routes, new views, and even the fancy med school can’t keep the plants out of the walls.

Chain Link Fence at Poland & Chartres

I’m in the middle of finals, which means I’m busily grading grading grading. So when R. suggested we get together with S. for a grading marathon, I was sold. After grading at home all morning, I hopped on the bike and headed down to the Marigny for a blueberry muffin, coffee, camaraderie, and a whole bunch of reading journals. We took a break to do our late afternoon tasks–dog walking, trip to the office, and, for me, a bike ride. Continue reading

Vines and Trees at Freret & Upperline

I don’t usually ride as far as I did yesterday, and today I am feeling it, for sure. Hopping on the bike wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do today, but by 11:00, I had to head up to campus, so off we went. Turns out it helps to just spin around on the bike a bit. After a delightful lunch with a delightful student and some work in this office and that, I headed to the bar to meet folks for drinks. One drink, though, and I knew it was time for a few last pedals home to rest. I snapped this picture at Freret and Upperline of a vine wrapped around a tree and then wrapped around the telephone line. I love how the plants have just decided to act like sure, we can both be in the very same space at the very same time, so what? Nobody’s giving in here. A few bumpy blocks of Freret on my way to the smooth new asphalt on Peniston, and I was on my way home.

Abandoned U-Haul on Willow and Gen. Taylor

Oh, I had such a busy day today. I was up early, rode the bike to campus, and then just taught, four classes, no time to much other than what I was there to do. How rare is that? Anyway, I was ready to just be home when my last class was out at 5:15, but I had to ride my bike to get there. I wasn’t looking forward to the short 2.5 mile ride, so I decided to change it up by getting off St. Charles and taking Willow downtown instead. Continue reading

Ferns Growing on a Building at S. Peters and St. Joseph

I finished up a project I’ve been working on for some months today, so as a reward, I gave myself the afternoon to ride my bike around, drop into a National Park Visitor’s Center–you know, the usual Friday afternoon of a National Park/bicycle obsessed academic. I put my passport in my pannier and thought to toss a poncho in there, just in case. Well, I made it to the Pontchartrain Expressway underpass when the sky just opened up. Sigh. I waited for awhile underneath the expressway, hoping it was one of those momentary summer thunderstorms. I impatiently put on my bright yellow poncho, thinking I could make it to the Quarter, but man, that kind of rain, when you wear glasses? Impossible. I hung out under an overhang for awhile longer until suddenly the rain was just gone. Weather in this place is nuts. I continued on my way and took a left at N. Peters to shoot down to Decatur. I stopped to take a picture of this white brick building on the corner of N. Peters and St. Joseph. You can’t tell in this picture, but there’s a veritable waterfall streaming from the top of the building where pipes are funneling water away from the rooftop. Continue reading

Tiny Cornfield at Upperline and North Prieur

Oh, it’s getting hot out there, people! Unlike lots of folks, I’m excited to get some real heat on. I love summertime, when everyone’s salty, clothes clinging like wet rags, sulking through the thick air. I took the Surly to work and had to be inside for much of the day, but I took the long way home. I rode around Broadmoor, humming this ridiculously catchy tune and enjoying the sunlight. Continue reading

Flowering Tree at Dumaine and Burgundy

After a lovely afternoon spent cleaning my apartment and talking to my cats, I hopped on the Surly to head to the Quarter for an early dinner and then a movie with friends in the Treme. Oh, it was so nice to ride around today, nowhere to be and nothing to do. Continue reading

Plant Climbing a House in the Treme

Oh, it was sunny today. Cool and sunny. My final grades were due today, so I hopped on the Surly, put on a song, and headed to campus. I’ve been feeling a little off lately; I think I just needed a fast pedal in the sunshine and a little bike dancing. After cleaning up after the semester, I headed down to the Quarter, mostly just so I could ride my bike around. Continue reading

Sunshine at Prytania and Peniston

Sunshine at Prytania and PenistonIt was downright beautiful in New Orleans today.  And I mean beautiful.  I put on a short skirt, heels, and my helmet and sped off to work feeling like a little girl with no responsibilities.  At least, I felt like that until I got to the office and had to work.  But the ride home was even nicer, because I’ve got tomorrow off and a whole world to bike through.  I stopped to take this picture at the corner of Peniston and Prytania because it was exactly what a beautiful day here looks like to me.  Continue reading

Topiary Bull on St. Charles

Topiary on St. CharlesIt’s a stormy day here in New Orleans, but I made it to and from work on my bike before the downpours.  I stopped on my way home to snap a picture of this topiary bull in the yard of a fancy house at St. Charles and Arabella.  Continue reading