Blight, an Empty Lot, and New Construction Near LaSalle and Fifth

It was another cold and crispy day in New Orleans, but today was game day. Last day of the regular football season, and the Saints were ready to finish a good one. Or not. I hopped on the Surly and headed down to the Treme to find out. I hadn’t been on that bike in well over a week, so it felt extra good to clip in and pedal hard. I stopped to take this picture on LaSalle and I think Fourth Street. It’s like the Four Corners of New Orleans. We’ve got the run-down inhabited house on the left, blight in the back corner, new construction on the right, and an empty lot in the foreground. That’s pretty much New Orleans in a nutshell, especially the part where it is all on the same block. A few blocks further down at Jackson I stopped and waited for a second line–the Perfect Gentlemen S&P–to make the turn. New Orleans manages somehow to put this stuff to music.

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